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Descended from Royalty?

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  • Descended from Royalty?

    According to my research I am descended from an aristocrat, and going back from him published sources such as Burke's Peerage trace back to medieval royalty. This claim has been met with scepticism and amusement from my family. I would be grateful if anyone could spare the time to try to replicate my findings. I will give the minimum amount of information, and only that where there is no possibility of error, in order not to lead you into any false path which I may have taken.

    Start with Agnes Chipperfield who married Henry Charles Colthup on 1.6.1914 registered Q2 1914 Medway 2a 1635. In 1939 she was known to be living with Arthur Price and gave her name as Price although she was actually still married to Henry C Colthup. You can safely take this as being correct as it was confirmed to me by her son Frederick before he died. He was also shown as Price in 1939. The 3 of them can be found at 38 Ernest Road , Chatham. Henry Colthup died in 1941 and Agnes was then free to marry Arthur in 1942.

    The first problem is to establish her date of birth. One is shown in 1939 and a different one when she died in Brighton in Jun 1979 . She was baptised 2.8.1891.
    When you are sure that you have found the right person find:
    Her father
    His father
    His mother
    Her father
    His father. If you have replicated my research he will be titled.

    Thanks in advance to anyone prepared to take on this task.
    People: Canton, Wiseman, Colthup, Scrace
    Places: Pembrokeshire, Kent.

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    From your question it appears you don't have even a birth certificate for Agnes Chipperfield as a starting point ?

    Start there, and work through each generation, making sure you have a documented evidential source for every single connection (not just an index entry) - that will confirm the research for you. If you reach a "gateway" ancestor who connects you into a documented pedigree then you may well find a royal connection - but that isn't unusual - different studies estimate it would also apply to anything up to a few million people in the UK. Being able to prove it through a fully documented pedigree is the difficult part.

    Don't assume information supplied by family is accurate - often it isn't, and don't assume books like Burke's are always 100% accurate either - some of the pedigrees were based on very little evidence and you should check carefully through them too.

    I am a professional researcher, and ex- deputy registrar, based in Buckinghamshire - please contact me for any help/advice or research via PM or my website
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      If you are dubious about the date of birth it might be an idea to get the marriage certificate to confirm her father's name too.


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        People: Canton, Wiseman, Colthup, Scrace
        Places: Pembrokeshire, Kent.


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          Agnes, and much of her paternal line, are on WikiTree

          Hmm, looks like you'll need to click "show ancestors" to see the tree

          And the great grandmother has an interesting bio:

          Looks like that researcher did some good work.
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            They are my trees. (So now you know my name)
            People: Canton, Wiseman, Colthup, Scrace
            Places: Pembrokeshire, Kent.