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  • military question - housing


    my grandad was in the army from being old enough. but on some of the electoral rolls he is listed at No..... RAF site...... Does this mean he was in the RAF as well as the army? or is it likely that his house was on a RAF base?

    1952-1957 6years, 2 different RAF addresses, both witchford near ely

    google said RAF witchford was in use as bommber site in ww2. but not much in the 1950s
    **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**

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    There was limited activity at nearby RAF Mepal around that time. In the late 1950s it was a nuclear missile base.


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      I had a google generally and found nothing, I guess after the war maybe some of the accommodation was interchangeable? The MoD sold off buildings in the 70s I remember working for a council that bought an entire site, so maybe in the 50s they did stuff, can't find any evidence though.

      Did you find these sites:
      Family Tree site

      Researching: Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon; Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
      Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


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        Not specific to RAF Wichford, but I went to school at RAF Hemswell in the early seventies. The school took in civilian kids like me even though it was on an RAF base

        A few years after I left the base was transferred to the Army, and a few years after that it was transferred back to the airforce. I would imagine other bases could have gone through the same process

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