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Decipher a 1939 Entry

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  • Decipher a 1939 Entry

    I would appreciate if a second pair of eyes could help decipher the ‘Occupation entry on the 1939 Register for Schedule 40.

    On both ‘The Genealogist’ & ‘FMP’ it has been transcribed as ‘Accountant Clerk Cable Wireless Tel Royal Ser.’ It is the ‘Tel Royal Ser’ that I am now wondering if truly correct. (the r for Royal is not a capital letter?)

    Then on the RHS, it says ‘C of L Spec Cons’. Does one assume ‘City of London?’ If so, I guess that for his main job he must have been working in the City?

    It seems as if there is a door waiting to be opened on further information if only I could find the right key.


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    ‘C of L Spec Cons’ will be City of London Special Constable


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      The first one is a puzzle. There is not a word royal there with or without a capital as there are no letters on that line that have descenders. The ascenders from the line below are getting in the way of a clear view - specifically the ‘t’ in Domestic and the capital ‘D’ in Duties.

      The best I can get is Accountant Clerk Cable+Wireless Tele_ _ _ _ Serv

      ancestry transcription is no help. It says “Accountant Clerk Cable & Wireless Edge ??” Sorry I don’t have FMP at the moment.


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        Think it is Cable and Wireless Telegraph Service.



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          Thankyou for your thoughts.

          Cable & Wireless Telegraph Service, now looking again, makes sense.

          And that C of L Special Constable for confirming my thoughts.