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  • Scottish research

    A bit of advice needed please. I have never researched Scottish ancestry and wonder if I could have some advice on the best way to go about it. I have Euffans Rosie showing marriages to Patrick Anderson and Malcome Dunnett. In 1707 to Malcome but no date for Patrick. There are however baptisms for children of Patrick.
    Basically would I find more info on Scotlands people than on Ancestry
    Thank you

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    What detail for the two marriages have you got? Did you get it from Ancestry trees that are unsourced or transcriptions of Scottish records from an ancestry database? Am I right in thinking the bride’s name is Rosie EUFFANS ? That’s a most unusual name.


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      Sources are a bit of both, although I think the marriage was Ancestry itself. Her name is Euffans Rosie, Her father being Walter.
      regards Ann


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        As to whether you’ll find more than you already have on ScotlandsPeople - it very much depends on how thorough the minister or clerk was when they filled in the register. Records can vary from nothing other than the names of two people paying the fee for the reading of Banns in the church up to names of the couple, occupation of the groom, residences, names of each father (if alive) and their residences if different to those of the couple. Records that full though are definitely not the norm.


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          Ok. Will take wee look. See what comes up.


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            The index entry for the marriage in 1707 on SP has the bride’s name spelled slightly differently.
            DUNNETT MALCOME EUFFANS ROZIE/ 30/12/1707 035/ 10 376 Canisbay
            Canisbay is way up north in Caithness. The entry is from a Church of Scotland parish register.


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              I can’t see a baptism for her as there are no matches back as far as her likely year of birth. Around the time of the marriage in 1707, there was more than 1 couple in Canisbay parish with the surname ROZIE who were having children baptised. There are two children to a Walter ROZIE and wife Janet. Could this Walter be a brother of Euffans’?


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                Now that’s most odd. The first baptism of a child to Patrick ANDERSON and Euffans ROZIE is 17 March 1708. That’s less than 3 months after the marriage to Malcolm DUNNETT which was 30 December 1707.

                I have some spare credit. Wait till I go see the page from the original marriage register…


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                  As registers go this is quite a good one. The page contains entries from 4 December 1707 to 26 June 1708 and there is no sign of a further marriage of Euffans - (in case Malcome DUNNETT had died suddenly and unexpectedly and Patrick ANDERSON had married her quickly thereafter so the child that she must have been carrying on marriage to Malcome would legally acquire the ANDERSON surname).

                  1707 4th December
                  Malcome Dunnett in Mey was matrimonialie contracted with Euffans Rozie yr and both parties gave up yr names to be proclaimed, engaging ym selves to Solemnize yr Said marriage within the Space of fortie days under the pain of ten pounds Scots to be paid by the partie breaker; married on y 30th of December ~707

                  yr = their (or there whichever is appropriate). ym = them y = the Malcome being ‘in’ Mey = resided at


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                    Baptism of first child of Patrick and Euffans
                    ANDERSON MURDOCH PATRICK ANDERSON/EUFFANS ROSIE FR 57 (FR57) M 17/03/1708 035/ 10 95 Canisbay
                    13 March 1808
                    Patrick Anderson in Stroma had a child Baptized called Murdoch; procreat in marriage with Euffans Rosie before these witnesses Donald Bowar [?_____?] in Stroma and Dod Bowar y younger there.

                    So the entry says that Murdoch had been conceived in a marriage between Patrick and Euffans. Do we have two different women called Euffans Rozie??
                    Stroma is the island directly of the coast of Caithness so is counted as being in the parish of Canisbay.


                    More baptisms to children of Patrick and Euffans.
                    ANDERSON BARBARA PATRICK ANDERSON/EUFFANS ROZIE FR 68 (FR68) F 24/06/1712 035/ 10 106 Canisbay

                    ANDERSON JEAN PATRICK ANDERSON/EUFFANS ROSIE FR 73 (FR73) F 02/08/1713 035/ 10 111 Canisbay


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                      More mowdiying around confirms there were two different women of the same name.

                      Baptisms of children to Malcome and Euffans. First one before the marriage.
                      DUNET GEORGE MALCOM DUNET/... ROSIE FR 56 (FR56) M 19/12/1708 035/ 10 94 Canisbay
                      DUNNET JOHN MALCOM DUNNET/EUFANS ROSY FR 70 (FR70) M 28/11/1712 035/ 10 108 Canisbay


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                        Thank you so much. I am very grateful and didnt expect you to use your credits. A lot to work on
                        Kind regards


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                          Originally posted by Golden Oldie View Post
                          Thank you so much. I am very grateful and didnt expect you to use your credits. A lot to work on
                          Kind regards
                          That’s ok. It’s good to give back when I can.
                          Have you any clue which one of couples is the right one for your research.


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                            I only have unsourced Ancestry trees most for Patrick Anderson. I am really going to concentrate and go back and forth to see if this line carries down. One question, is there anywhere I can read about this part of the country to get some feel of how they lived. I am a 75 year old Londoner and I feel I need to know more than just a name
                            Kind regards


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                              Try GoogleBooks for an online copy of The Statistical Account for Caithness. You’ll be looking for the 1st Account rather than subsequent ones. The Accounts are in three editions. Statistical Accounts were written by the minister of the parish and describe the land, owners, flora and fauna, industry etc. etc. The date is a bit later than you really want but there will be a bit of history included.
                              I’ve got a link for you to the 8th volume which includes Canisbay. Electric Scotland is a site well worth bookmarking!


                              This is more up your alley I think;

                              Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness from the Tenth Century
                              By James T. Calder (1861)

                              Also these.



                              Happy reading


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                                That will keep me busy. Once again thank you
                                Kind regards