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Birth registered in 2 countries

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  • Birth registered in 2 countries

    My great-aunt's birth was registered both in England and in France. I have her British birth certificate which shows she was born on 11th April 1870 in London and registered on 5th May 1870, informant is her mother, and I've just found that she was registered in Paris on 12th April (1 day after the birth) as the daughter of the correct parents by a midwife at an address which seems to have been a maternity hospital. Nothing in the French document shows that either parent was present at the registration.
    The history of the family is that the parents were married in Paris and had 4 children in Paris then moved to London around 1865 and had further children born (or registered) in London.
    The timing of the 2 registrations indicate that the baby was probably born in Paris and registered again in London 3 weeks later when the family returned home. The mother had relatives in Paris so it's possible they were visiting, but they had 3 small children (others having died) at the time.
    Any thoughts?

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    Midwife was doing her job per french law, it sounds like. Parents should have registered the child with the english consulate so it would be recorded under their records.

    But may have thought the birth needed to be registered in england for citizenship or as law required.