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Trying To Find Parents of Mary Kurtz

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    Originally posted by KristleyBrickWall View Post
    PhotoFamily The Buck families had lots of kids making it too adulthood in Indiana so lots of Descedants. Abraham Buck and Mary Geremck had the 13 children themselves all making it too adulthood. I do have a great great aunt who is still alive and doesn't live too far from me. I'm not sure if i'd be able to convince her but she has a little bit of interest in family history.
    Genetic genealogy is sort of a case of the more, the merrier. Because she is from a different family branch, she would probably have segments of her parents' DNA that her siblings didn't receive. So, if she would test, it would still be worth testing you. If your parents were to test, there would be little to gain in testing you (one exception - phasing).

    I'm guessing some of the Bucks descendants have already tested. That could be to your advantage, as you could be pretty certain that any matches between you must come from the common ancestral line.
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      I think its a good idea to research the other Barrows family members. I never thought that much about the family of Heman Barrows. It plausible his father fought in the war. I never thought about the land records for Illinois, but its a lead.