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    Welsh brick wall

    I have been looking for the parents of my distant relative, John Phillips (b. ~1660) from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire Wales. His first and last name are very common. His wife was Elinor/Eleanor Haward (b. ~1659) but there is virtually nothing on her name for that time period.

    I understand the naming for the time may indicate his father was Philip John as the names are often reversed between father and son. There was belief that he was related to the Phillips of Picton, but I cannot establish a link. Although there are several John Phillips in the line, none have a wife named Elinor/Eleanor.

    I have read the Peerage Papers, English Baronetage of 1741, and Burke's but nothing concrete. Went through the National Library of Wales online to find wills, but the few I found don't mention the familiar names of his wife or known children. I know he had at least two sons, Samuel and Griffith who immigrated to the US in 1709. Some say he had a son Robert as well.

    Sadly there is a lot of copy paste among the ancestry sites with little source information. Not sure where to go next. I read on a forum there might be info on but most of my searching has been on While I know there are others like Bespoke, I worry I would be laying down much money for dead ends as 17th century is difficult to trace.

    Any help welcome, thank you so much.

    Sorry can’t help much on Welsh records back that far.
    However, I’ve found this website useful for more recent events when helping a friend with Welsh ancestry. It looks like you can only start searching publications from 1804 so after your era but you never know, it might turn up something for you.

    It might be worth you clicking on the other tabs at the top too - ie tithe maps, catalogue, resources etc.
    Good luck!
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      Hiya - and a warm welcome to FTF

      does this help - not forgetting it is someone elses research -may not be correct

      might be correct ?

      note - the tree owner Coleen Clemons has them as DIRECT ancestors - so is distantly related to yourself
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