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Looking for London street maps

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    Looking for London street maps


    I'm trying to find a map of London, both north and south of the river, as I'm trying to find all the roads that my London family lived in. Many of the streets are now gone and I'm not sure when this grand development would have begun, with roads being changed along with rebuilding.

    Any help with locating a map of this sort, or advice on what sort of date London began 'changing' would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    I use NLS maps after someone mentioned them on here:,0

    the side by side viewer can be a big help if you start with an existing road, and then you can kind of get your nearings.

    the older maps are not all available on the side by side
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      I find the Charles Booth poverty maps fascinating, especially if you are looking at the latter part of the 19th century. You can also link to the notebooks where they are available that give a non PC observation of the street/area.

      Map | Charles Booth's London (
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        Arthurteacake welcome to the forum

        There are many maps going back a long way here: Mapco London maps


          Not so much streets as parishes, but I find this map to be useful for determining how close parishes are to each other. It's weird, and it's static in time (1851).

          put the parish name in the upper left box and <search>
          select the parish you want
          in the box that appears over the map, select radius search andchoose the radius you want (defaults to 5mi) and press <go>
          The map will focus on the area you chose, and list the parishes down the left side with their distance for your chosen parish.
          Other options on the app will show you Poor Law Union, Civil Reg district and more
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            Thank you very much for the responses, I'll look into those suggestions.



              Depending on the period(s) you are interested in, there is the normal London A-Z. I have the 'Historical Version' of the 1938/39 that at the back has an Index (before & afterwards) of LCC Street Name Changes.

              Another aid is .. that has an E-Book edition of London street name changes between 1857-1929 and 1929-1945.