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pension records for 78th foot regiment?

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    pension records for 78th foot regiment?

    my ancestor murdoch matheson is mentioned in a manuscript written in the 1860's, and i am wondering if i can identify my ancestor in a pension record.

    "joined the 78th regiment of foot risen by kenneth mckenzie lord seaforth 1778, and served in all the campaigns of that regiment in the east indies, and afterwards returned to lochalsh with a pension. he married at dingwall and left of issue...."

    there is a pension record on FMP for a murdoch matheson b.1765 at dingwall, in the 78th reg of foot, but served 1793-5. but i don't think this is the right man as the manuscript is clear my murdoch joined in 1778, whereas this 78th regiment was raised in 1793 by francis humberston mckenzie; and the regiment didn't serve in india in this period, but holland.

    when lord seaforth raised his regiment in 1778, it was known as the 78th regiment of foot. in 1786 it was re-designated the 72nd. in 1881 it was amalgamated with the 78th. it was in india from 1781-1798.

    so i think i would be looking for records of the 78th until 1786, and maybe the 72nd after? i can't spot anything on FMP or TNA. would i need someone to look at regiment records in person to hopefully identify him?

    i don't have any parish records for him, but his children in the census state they were born c.1791-1813 in lochalsh. so if accurate with their ages, looking at discharge with pension 1780-1790. the manuscript states he returned to lochalsh, but married at dingwall, and children state born at lochalsh. the manuscript mentions he later lived at erbusaig.

    When I was looking for something for Darksecretz there were some pension records on TNA (well I think it was then) that were unindexed eg just found the regiment and the year, I don't think they said much, but we knew which year he left so knew the year to focus on....and this was later years than you are referring.

    I find TNA quite hard to find what to look for
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      There are records for men discharged to pension, which would help, even if their service records haven't survived. There are 2 series - one for those discharged due to length of service, and those discharged due to illness or injury. Without a rough idea of when he was discharged and definite regiment it would be a lengthy search. When did he die? There are also records of pension payments for particular years, arranged by area. I think this
      "joined the 78th regiment of foot risen by kenneth mckenzie lord seaforth 1778" means when the regiment was raised, not necessarily when he enlisted
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        I can see two on FMP

        Murdoch Matheson b 1867 Uig, Ross, Labourer

        78th 1794-1812

        Served a total of 25 years + - 17yrs+ in 78th, likewise in other Corps 7yrs+ abroad E and W Indies

        Discharged 31/08/1812 due to debility from long service in a hot climate

        Other is for Murdoch Matheson b 1780's ?Uig, Ross, Labourer

        78th Regiment 1804-1810
        9 R?V Batt 1810-1814

        Discharged unfit almost blind + wounded R thigh 15/07/1814but



          I have no idea when he was discharged, in what condition, or when he died. Scotland doesn't record burials much, almost never pre 1855 in the highlands.

          if the kids are right about their ages, he would be discharged by 1790. And most likely 78/72nd regiments.

          As the note is clear it's seaforth's regiment, and calls it the 78th, i would think he was discharged prior to 1786, when the regiment number changed.


            If you're up to a search of the discharged to pension records, even though it might be for a few years, I can explain
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