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    1939 index has Herbert Stansfield (1878) and Catha(e)rine Rose Stansfield (1879) living in Vavasour Street Rochdale.

    Can anyone find a marriage for this couple. It would probably be in the Rochdale area but not sure. I don't know Catherine's maiden name, sorry. I realise this information is very vague but there may be someone out there who can help.
    Thanks .

    Ancestry has the marriage of a Herbert Stansfield, 24, weaver to Catherine Rose Cockcroft, 23 at the Parish church, Haifax, Yorks 14 Feb 1903. Is this a possibility?



      Thanks, Could well be as I always thought they were Yorkshire folk.

      I see you are in Perth. My 3x great grandfather was a convict in Freemantle and I'm sure I must have relatives in the area!


        Did they have any children? The couple found by Macbev had 3, Marion, Joan and Winnie.

        There is also:
        • Marriage dateJuly-Aug-Sep 1934
        • Marriage placeBarton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
        • Spouse (implied)Catherine Butterfield


          1911 census
          The Herbert STANSFIELD married to Catherine Rose COCKCROFT is living at 17 Woodhouse, Todmorden. They are both cotton weavers. He was born Yorkshire, Hebden Bridge and she was born Yorkshire, Todmorden.

          Todmorden is an odd place in that it straddles two counties with the main road on a hill. The top of the hill end is in Yorkshire and the bottom end is in Lancashire. Todmorden is only 11 miles from Rochdale where you have them on the 1939 Register.


            I had to go back to a gazetteer of 1822 on GENUKI to find the places of residence on the marriage certificate.

            "LANGFIELD, a township, in the parish of Halifax, Morley division of Agbrigg and Morley, liberty of Wakefield, 8 miles from Rochdale, (Lanc.) 11 miles W. of Halifax. Pop. 2,069.

            "STANSFIELD, a township, in the parish of Halifax, Morley-division of Agbrigg and Morley, liberty of Wakefield, 4½ miles SW. of Halifax, 8 miles from Rochdale, (Lanc.) Pop. 7,275."

            I think from a Google map search that 17 Woodhouse on the 1911 census is now 17 Woodhouse Road.


              Attached to an ancestry tree is a copy of her 1956 death certificate saying she was the widow of Herbert Stansfield, cotton weaver which fits with the 1911 census.
              She died 20 March 1956 Littleborough, Lancashire.

              There’s also a head and shoulders photo of her.


                I spotted her date of birth in the 1939 Register has been amended but the amendment is the same as what was originally written. I think this is an error on the enumerator’s behalf as her baptism says 12 June 1879. Her baptism was Non Conformist. The image is on ancestry.

                Katherine Rose Cockcroft
                Birth date 12 Jun 1879
                Event date Baptism
                Father Henry Gibson Cockcroft
                Mother Jane Cockcroft
                Baptism date 6 Aug 1879
                Archive location Calderdale
                Chapel Halifax
                Reel number Hebden Bridge Woodend, Knowlwood and Shade, Langfield, Midgley, Mytholmroy, Shade, Todmorden; CR 1
                Reference number UC43


                  Weird this but all the public trees on ancestry that actually have a date of death for Herbert say he died 1922 in Todmorden. That can’t be right if he was alive in 1939.

                  Given that Catherine died in Littleborough, Lancashire I think this is more likely his death.
                  Herbert Stansfield
                  abt 1879
                  Jan 1951
                  [Feb 1951]
                  [Mar 1951]