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    Opinions please!

    Floundering around in the dark again, as usual.

    This time I'm on the trail of a set of 4x ggp.

    I have a Susan BRISTOW baptised in 1808, parents William and Mary. Pretty sure this is correct, as she was consistent with her age through all the records I've seen for her.

    She married Daniel MEAD in 1832.

    I've got a couple of possibilities for Susan's parents, and I'm working through different scenarios. One task is to establish the age of her parents.

    Susan was baptised in Esher, and there are a clutch of children with the same parents baptised there between 1793-1808. The first son was named Edward, and there isn't a William. But there is a William baptised in 1789 in Cobham, which *could* be the same parents. So we are probably looking for a William born around 1760-1770 or so.

    On the 1841 census, my Daniel Mead is living in Esher with his wife and young son. Next door is a William Bristow aged 77 and his wife Mary aged 76. This puts them firmly in the right age range. (And thank you enumerator for giving the precise ages!)
    What's the chances these are Susan's parents?

    If anyone wants to look, the census ref is piece 1071, book 10, folio 24, page 3.


    I took a punt on a couple of death certs and got the right ones. Daniel Mead registered both deaths.

    This confirms there were 2 William Bristow families living about 5 miles apart. They were probably cousins. I am no closer to finding William's parents, or even his marriage, but I can say with a reasonable amount of confidence that at least one Ancestry tree has combined the two families.