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oooooooh so excited/Maria Butler

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  • oooooooh so excited/Maria Butler

    Some of you may know that I had a bit of a conundrum, lol, with Maria Butler who was in the metropolitan district school 1881 census. I started out researching her as she would be my paper trail great grandmother but not biological. Well today when I checked my matches on ancestry one of my half cousins daughter has put her test on ancestry. Woohoo. Just sent her a message and told her I am interested in any Butler matches she gets. Finally might get to unravel her mystery.

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    Good luck with it, Gloryer. I know you have had a lot to sort out with your family.

    Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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      good luck keep us posted



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        Crossing my fingers for you gloryer.


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          I think my excitement is short lived.!! Not had a response yet. I also was able to message 4 others as with this one testing it now tells me which line some of the others are from or not from. Not heard back from any of them so makes you wonder if the messages do actually get delivered from ancestry


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            The Ancestry messaging system is totally rubbish. Sometimes I get a notification that I have a message and others not. When I go to the messaging page it is unclear if there are new ones because they don't always show on the preview. The other day the message symbol said I had 4 new ones but as far as I can see there was only one. Then, to add to that, there are the people who appear and ask questions, then disappear again so you have no idea if they got your answer or not!


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              I agree Anne in Carlisle the messaging is cumbersome, mine take ages to load and the last message claims to be "new" for weeks after I have answered it.


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                Agreed jill and anne. Total **** system. You'd think ancestry would get it together. I find the only time the notification goes is when you send a message to that person.

                gloryer, if maria butler isn't your biological ancestor, what are you hoping to achieve with dna matches?


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                  When I started my research 20+ years ago I started following the paper trail which would be Maria Butler and her son Frederick Pearson would be my grandfather. Thats how my dad and his 4 siblings were registered but my dad married under the name of Smith and always said he was a Smith so I started searching both lines the Pearson and the Smith side.My dad was the middle of the 5 siblings and it turns out the 2 eldest were Pearson the 3 youngest are Smith. I have spent many hours searching about Maria Butler and she is quite a character and there are a few twists which I would love to solve after all this time. She was in the metropolitan district school in 1881 with brother charles. Her birthday according to 1939 is 15 jan 1870 but I have never found them on 1871 census but there is another family on Hampstead Heath with the same Children belonging to a travelling showman. The children from that one are from Hampstead and mine are from Woolwich. Immediately people think its the same family but it isnt as that Maria Butler goes onto marry a George Shurety and is on a later census.
                  Charles was readmitted to the workhouse Plumstead by his brother William Butler who gives his address but I still cant find anything to link Maria and Charles to the same mother as William . Maria and Charles admitted themselves to Plumstead workhouse the first time so where had they been living before that?
                  The person that I thought was their mother was charged with shoplifting a pair of boots and said it was to support her family. She had several children but that didnt include Charles and Maria. She was a widow when caught shoplifting but she then disappeared. Not sure if she remarried or moved away........
                  Before Maria left the school there appears to have been a mass baptism and her father is listed as William Butler and when she married she put William Butler as her father. I know the fathers name may be false but the one claiming to be Charles Brother William gave his address and it is correct in the census there is a William Butler at that address which makes me think that part is true.
                  So this new dna match is a descendant of Maria Butler and I am hoping she may get some Butler matches as I have been in contact with many people over the years trying to unravel it all. Its my addiction. lol


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                    I cant believe somebody would put their dna results on line and 11 days later not checked their matches

                    and I'm still waiting


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                      I wonder if the owner of the DNA is one who simply
                      wanted what we know as the least reliable part of the test -the ethnicity report.
                      Perhaps they just registered the kit in their name and didn’t bother reading further to the various options like opting out of the matching system. There must be loads of people who don’t complete the whole thing properly as they are only interested in the bit that ancestry heavily pushes in its advertising.
                      How long is it since their last login?
                      Try messaging again but this time click the contact button from within the page where you can see your DNA match details. Those messages seem to get delivered with more success than plain member to member messages starting from the user names list.


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                        I finally got a reply She said she will let me know....... I have given her my email address and said she can contact me if she needs any help
                        I dont think I am going to find out anything any time soon


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                          well I keep coming back to this one My half cousin's daughter has made her tree private which is fine but apparently she is able to share her dna matches with me so I have requested that but no response so far. she did say she was looking into her dads side. So in the mean time the last couple of days has become interesting as I have been in contact with a great granddaughter of Maria Butler However she has also followed the path of Maria Butler born in Hampstead and not Woolwich so I told her that I think she is wrong!!! Luckily she has accepted what I say and is now also intrigued by Maria Butler. I have asked her what her shared matches are with my half cousin's daughter as that is the path I need to look at. And then last night I found another half cousin's daughter in australia has started up a family tree. I dont think she has dna tested yet as she should show up as a match to me.
                          Ideally I would love to find a dna connection to Maria's brother Charles. lol. wishful thinking