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extra name on death cert

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    extra name on death cert

    i'm abit puzzled by my 2nd great grandfather robert (simpson) lackey. i had hoped his will would shed some light but no it doesnt.

    his death cert has a middle name on it - the date, informant (was my great grandfather), location etc all link to the correct person and my family. however this middle name is a mystery. It's not on his marriage cert, nor the children's birth certs, baptisms or marriages or any census records, newspaper articles, the church he was invovled with or his headstone. It is not a name known to his siblings or children. Nor is it in his will.

    why would an extra name be added at death? is it a common thing to happen? i've not come across it before.

    **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**

    One or two in my tree like that or the two known names are swapped around for some reason. It could possibly be a transcription error somewhere along the way too, the process to create the index involves several transcriptions starting right back with the local registrar.

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      My Great Grandfather was the same. Known as William on every certificate/parish record I have and couldn't find his death.

      I was talking to my next door neighbour and she said where her mother was buried and was looking at the on line records and there was my G Grandmother buried with TOM William correct age. Then couldn't find a death record under Tom. Eventually found it under JOHN William. Registered by his daughter who was very close to him!! He had a brother who was called John so couldn't have been a nick name as a child.

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        People didn't always use middle names. Though usually, you would expect it mentioned here and there. Is it a family name? Could be a mistake on the informant's or registrar's part.


          OH's grandfather died before he was born, but acquired a middle name some time around 1900/1901.

          He was Welsh, and I think we all know how many people may have the same name, so I think grandfather decided to giver himself a middle name to distinguish himself from all the other Richard Hughes.

          The middle initial suddenly appears on the 1901 Census, and then the full name on his marriage certificate in 1902. It is not on his baptism, previous censuses, or his apprenticeship paper to a master cabinet maker.

          Yummy-mummy ............. maybe your gt grandfather knew something that no-one else knew?!
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            hi all,
            thanks for replys.

            as far as we know there is no family name link to simpson - 2xggf was a lackey by name, his mother thompson and his wife was jackson. as i put none of the children had simpson in their name, nor did any of his siblings. he was listed as robert on everything. the informant was son, and he was working with him from an early age and lived next door most of his life (moved back to the family home when his mother died a few yrs after father) so i dont think he would have got it wrong. and none of roberts siblings have middle names that i've come across.

            looks like one of those mysteries we come across.

            **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**