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Griff Powel (Griff ap Howel) Born 1809 Dolbenmaen Carnarfonshire

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    Griff Powel (Griff ap Howel) Born 1809 Dolbenmaen Carnarfonshire

    My Great Grandfather Griff Powel (Griff ap Howel) was baptised in Dolbenmaen on 3rd October 1809.
    His parents were Howel Jones and Gainor and he had 5 siblings, Howel (Bap 1800),Gwen (bap 1803), Ann Mary (bap 1803) Griffith (bap 1805), Griffith (bap 1808).
    I assume that the two earlier Griffith’s died in infancy.
    I have no information on either Howel Jones or Gainor and I am looking for their marriage, Gainor’s maiden name and possibly their baptisms.
    My great Grandfather Griff Powel, then a slater by trade, moved to North Pembrokeshire as a young man and married in Maenclochog in 1828.
    Any information, however small would be greatly appreciated

    Am removing this had not realised how many Gaynor Jones there were.



      Hello and welcome to the forum, have no expertise in Welsh records back that far.

      But do know you can search the newspapers for free. And found a piece on a Howel Powel a native of Ystradfellte that was killed in May 1836, a heavy rock fell on him in a mine. I don't think he is your man though? The welsh seem to have a very limited set of names, hard to find one that is little used.

      Where did you find the information you already have?

      I think to see images you need to be a member for 10 days and make 10 posts, here is the excerpt.

      howel powel.JPG

      I can see that Dolbenmaen is in Gwynedd (was Carnarvon) needed to see the geography

      I am sure I am missing something but why are the children Powel surname and father is Jones, can you explain what the "ap howel" means?

      There is a burial record in 1810 for a "middle aged" Howel Jones in Dolbenmaen
      Family Tree site

      Researching: Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon; Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
      Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


        Thanks for your reply. The information I have is a copy of the original Parish record, supplied by National Library of Wales.
        Often Welsh surnames are patronimic that is the child's surname is the same as the father's Christian or first name. "ap" or "ab" translates to "son of".. So Griff ap Howel = Griff son of Howel (Jones)
        This becomes Griff Powel by dropping the "a", Similarly David ap Richard becomes David Prichard, John ab" Owen becomes John Bowen etc.
        Hope this helps but I'm not looking forward to researching JONES especially in Wales.