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    death william pool

    i've struggled for years to find a death for william pool or poole, can anyone spot anything?

    william poole b.1829, hawkesbury, gloucester. son of thomas poole and harriet crew.
    1841- hawkesbury with mother harriet, brother peter and grandmother anne crew.
    m.1849 to anne watts (b.1814 hawkesbury) at hawkesbury. occupation labourer.
    1851-hawkesbury with wife anne, both born hawkesbury. occupation coal haller.
    1861- hawkesbury with wife anne, mother harriet fords. all born hawkesbury. labourer.

    then he vanishes.
    1871- hawkesbury anne pool b.1815 hawkesbury is listed as married, coal carrier living with her mother in law harriet ford.
    1881- hawkesbury anne b.1815 hawkesbury. nil occupation, widowed.
    1891- hawkesbury, anne b.1815 kilcott, glos. widowed, no occupation.
    anne dies 1897 age 83 b.1814 in chipping sodbury reg district.

    i'm descended from william's brother peter, so i know about the rest of the family, it's just william's death i can't locate.

    there is one here in prison in 1866

    one here in Ohio 1866 cannot read his occ



      William and Hariett are in my Poole database.
      This is because I was eliminating his father Thomas as a descendant in my maternal Poole tree
      I too have a deadend on william.

      A Thomas Poole married Harriett Crew 31 Dec 1827 in Hawkesbury and they had at least 3 children
      William 1829
      John 1831
      Peter 1833

      William poole death 1833 in Hawksbury, age 26, therefore born c1807
      I think he could even be a William Thomas, the Pooles in that area liked to to that with their names, and the first child for Thomas and Harriett was called William
      1841 census, Harriet is in Hawkesbury with sons William and peter, but no husband and also with them is Harriet's mother Ann Crew
      Harriet poole married William Ford 1842 in Chipping Sodbury reg district
      in 1850, a William Ford dies in Chipping Sodbury reg district
      1851 census in Hawkesbury is Harriet who is FORD and a widow, with her is her mother Ann
      1861 census Harriet FORD is at the home of her son William in Hawkesbury
      23 Feb 1879, Harriet is buried in Hawkesbury

      I am still trying to work out who thomas was, but he married Harriet by Banns, so no father recorded.
      Hawkesbury is only 12 miles away from my main researched family area of malmesbury, he must be connected, but the name and father issues are stopping me being able to link him to a main group.
      I know for a fact he was not thomas, born c1806 in tetbury, the son of Edward poole and mary butler and husband of mary copeland.

      My 'working copy' of the Pooles in the Glos/Wilts area can be found here (It has many items to check, but I have a personal one for my actual connected and confirmed Pooles on Ancestry as a private tree)
      Avatar is my Gt Grandfather

      FRANKLIN (Harrow/Pinner 1700 to 1850); PURSGLOVE (ALL Southern counties of England); POOLE (Tetbury/Malmesbury and surrounding areas of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire (1650 to 1900); READ London/Suffolk


        Thanks for the help val, not sure if that is him in the easter assizes. It does seem to be a common name.

        thanks trevor. The poole's are quite large, and i have several DNA matches to the family of edward pool and mary butler. Also to a samuel poole and his wife anne, who is likely a brother or cousin to edward.