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    Family Tree Chart (specific)

    Hope this is the right section to ask.

    Building my family tree up, my Mother has asked for a 'poster' showing her direct ancestors/descendants and their partners.
    I have all the information in MyHeritage (and Ancestry!) but can't find a way to produce the report. I always seem to get my dads parents and their parents etc as well as my mums.

    Anybody know of a report or software that can achieve this?

    Most desktop software packages will do this. I personally use Family Historian, which has a free 30 day demo, and as a wide variety of types of diagrams and is very easy to create one. has general chat about the different packages.

    Whichever you choose, you will need to download/export your tree as a GEDCOM from Ancestry or MyHeritage.

    It comes under Manage your tree for both sites.
    Caroline's Family History Pages
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      You can do a simple chart from Ancestry of direct ancestors of a root person. I print one in portrait for the people whose DNA tests I manage. It gives 5 generations including the root person.

      If you want a chart that covers more than this you need to be aware of the large size that can result. For example I did one for a One Name Study showing all the descendants of the 'name' from a couple who married in 1795. It was 22 feet long!!