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    Originally posted by Karamazov View Post
    Another woohoo - I’m pretty sure that this is the will of Mary McWilliams nee Armstrong.
    The Will of Mary M'Williams late of Tullynamallogue County Armagh Widow who died 1 March 1891 at same place was proved at Armagh by William M'Williams of Trewmount Moy County Tyrone Labourer one of the Executors.
    The will was made 8 Nov 1889.
    You may be wondering about the executor William McWilliams popping up in County Tyrone, BUT in the 1901 census for him (see post 26) he has a son George very conveniently born in Co Tyrone in 1891- here’s his birth to William McWilliams and Elizabeth Lavery

    Bonus is that the whole will is available and it ticks all the boxes - Tullynamallogue, plus sons William McWilliams and Thomas John McWilliams plus two married daughters - Ellen Jane Shaw and Lizzie Crozier.

    Will image is here:

    Unfortunately I can’t find a death for her that tallies with the 1 Mar 1891 date of death on either or nidirect.

    Can anyone else find it - would be useful to know age at death and who the informant was.

    Could you please copy the will and send it to me by email? I keep getting an unexpected error at that link.
    I can’t find a death certificate for Mary on either of the same sites you have tried.


      Originally posted by GallowayLass View Post

      Could you please copy the will and send it to me by email? I keep getting an unexpected error at that link.
      I can’t find a death certificate for Mary on either of the same sites you have tried.
      The link worked ok when I posted it last night but I realise now it’s probably a time-out error.

      Go to
      then click on Will calendars and search for McWilliams, Mary with year of death 1891-1891, then click on the image icon on left hand side.
      It’s only short but I can’t seem to insert the pic here so everyone can see it easily.

      HOEY (Co Fermanagh, other Ulster counties and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) BANNIGAN and FOX (Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, Ireland and Portland, Maine, USA) REYNOLDS, McSHEA, PATTERSON and GOAN (Corker and Creevy, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, Ireland) DYER (Belfast and Ballymacarrett) SLEVIN and TIMONEY (Co Fermanagh) BARNETT (Ballagh, Co Tyrone and Strangford, Co Down)


        If you are still unable to access the will, I made a copy of the image and can email it to you if you like to PM me with your email address. Need to be quick though, as am heading off to bed.



          Sorry for the delay. Dinner time got in the way. I have the 2 images now. Many thanks again.


            Very disappointed in the reply received this afternoon from nidirect about the the poor quality marriage certificate.
            What I wrote is the bit I’ve highlighted in red. Despite the section title in bold above it, on the online version of the form there is a “help” sentence that tells you this is the box you have to use if you want report a poor quality image. Their answer would make you bang your head against the proverbial brick wall. I don’t disagree that any of the information on the certificate is wrong only that I can’t make out what it does say in the first place because the handwriting has not scanned well and vital info is obscured in the image by inkblots! No changes to the actual info were requested, merely a fresh, clean copy.

            Automated Message from GeNI: Certificate Amendment Request M/1847/Q1/110/1/18 Rejected

            Xxx Xxxxxx,

            Unfortunately, we have been unable to apply your requested amendment regarding:

            Reference Number


            Certificate Type


            Certificate Registration Number


            Amended Fields
            • Date of Marriage : Poor image

            Incorrect Image Data

            This is a poor quality image. Parish name and the residences of the couple are illegible due to blotches and writing that has copied with a spider like effect.

            Additional Information

            We have checked the original registration and can confirm that the information displayed on the website is correct. Therefore, we are not in in a position to make the proposed change(s). Please note this facility should only be used to request corrections to data transcription errors it should not be used to request amendments to errors which occurred at the time of registration

            This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.


              Is that the McWilliams/Armstrong marriage in 1847? Which bits can you not read....I have a reasonably legible image derived from the irishgenealogyie site and can post what that says



                Thanks Macbev. I think you posted that one already which I got but I don’t think the two certs are indentical. It’s the top bit especially that’s bothering me as I think they say different things. My guess is that the messy image is of the original certificate and the irishgenealogy one is a later copy. In the one I got from nidirect, the middle bit is County of Armagh and parish is obscured but I later worked out is Derrynoose. On the other one, middle bit is Presbytery of Armagh and the parish has been replaced by District of Armagh.
                Same couple though.
                I’ll put them together here. What do you think?