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Who are you obsessed with and why?

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    Who are you obsessed with and why?

    Which ancestor or family are you obsessed with? I tend to get a bit obsessed with those who stubbornly refuse to yield info.

    lately, my obsession has been my ancestor madeleine louise philippeaux. I have no bmd events for her. I estimate she was born about 1680 (about 20 when may have married), married about 1700 (first known child c.1702, first baptism 1705), and died after 1739 (wittnessed dau's wedding). I have no idea who her family was, or where she came from. None of the godparents for her children were her relatives. She was the wife of a guard for the duke of orleans, brother and then nephew of louis XIV. Family rumour states she was from an important court family, possible; but likely her father was also a guard or soldier.

    i don't care either way, i just want to find out where she came from and what happened to her! Every record i find gives me no information about her!

    I've not replied before as I was thinking about it, and have decided its a few, too many to name. but good luck on yours.



      Me too Val, I am not sure I am obsessed with anyone. I find someone and then get obsessed with them, get to a dead end and then forget about them! Still annoyed that I have not found the answer to my Grace Hendy Lugg and why she had money, but think that is unsolvable, unless I get a time machine.

      I do plan to go back over a few of the more interesting people and see if there is any more newspaper articles, last time i did a good search was 18 months ago. Shame there is no way to look at papers added in last year.
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      Researching: Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon; Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
      Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


        I do more or less the same, get obsessed ,then get annoyed as I am back to square one, but am always tempted back.



          Dobson Dodds born 1861 Cramlington, Northumberland. Just cannot find his death. Think He must have changed his name because he went to jail (Wakefield) twice for non payment of alimony to his Wife Ann.

          Been searching for this one since about 2002
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          Researching: Brown, Bell, Key and Musgrave from Cumberland. Dodds, Green, Campbell, Hall, Armstrong, Davison from Co. Durham. Raymond from Devon/Cornwall.


            This guy

            and his daughter Anna, and her son William.

            Anne had the misfortune to fall in love with a married man. They moved in together, had children together, presented themselves as husband and wife (apparently) until they finally married some 20 years after their first child was born. She was a "spinster", he a widower.

            I researched all her children, all the children of her siblings, all the children of her aunts and uncles. I could find nothing that definitely tied her son William to her. I did not find William nor any of his family members showing up as witnesses in marriages, no neighbors that were family members, no mention in wills. Most of these peeps had little money, so not many wills to find. Attestation? No, couldn't find William's, he bailed before he would qualify for pension, so record was not retained.

            Anna's father is fun to research - there are records about him and he left a family Bible (oh, but no mention of his children's relationships, nor of their children).

            DNA. Yep, that's what finally provided answers for the obsession.
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