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Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

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    Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

    I have a family member who's parents names have been given on their baptism. I have also found the parents marriage. However, when I search for these parents I can't find the mother on any other record other than the baptism and the marriage.

    What would be some reasons for her not showing up on any other record?

    Hi, welcome to FTF.

    Could she be in hospital or left them.

    If they are living you can't post their names on here. Did the person who was baptised know her/his mother and what records have you looked at.

    Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


      Have you double checked on the marriage certificate that the bride and her father have the same surname?
      If not, it could that she has been married before and her surname on that marriage is not her birth surname although her marital status should give a clue to that. Or perhaps her birth was registered with her mother’s maiden name as the mother was not married at the time.
      The mother may have later married / lived with a man who might or might not actually be the girl’s birth father and the child took on his surname.
      There is also the possibility that her mother was actually married to someone else at the time of the birth, that spouse died young and the mother remarried.
      As other queries in the past have shown, it’s not at all unusual for a person to used two surnames abd swop between them due to illegitimacy, marriage breakdown, death and remarriage of a parent etc.
      In the case of your lady, any of the foregoing could still apply even if the bride and her father have the same surname. He might be the only person she ever knew as her father and she never knew he was not her birthfather.
      What dates are we talking here? If you are sure that no person you name on here is still alive, then post up what you know and we can have a go at helping you.


        Have you just found the marriage in an index or have you got a copy of the marriage certificate?
        I once saw an interesting marriage entry in the register of the parish church where I live. (The register had been left out on a table, open, displaying the details of a very recent marriage.) The couple had cohabited for some time and shared two children. Both bride and groom were recorded with the same surname, but in the bride's column the vicar had added "changed by deed poll" or some phrase to that effect. (I'd never seen that before.) Perhaps that had happened in your case??? Some time later the bride told one of my friends that when she had been pregnant with the first child, they had decided to have her name changed legally by deed poll to "make things easier for the children" when they grew up. However I think the groom probably still had a wife when the first child was on the way.

        Janet in Yorkshire

        Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree