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Help with passenger lists, please

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    Help with passenger lists, please

    I'm starting this as a new query but there is background to the people concerned in another thread if you want to read through it.

    I am trying to pin down some detail about which family members went to Australia, came back, stayed, didn't stay etc and it's all quite complicated and not helped by people apparently changing their first names from time to time. Luckily the surname is distinctive so easier to narrow down.

    So I'm trawling through passenger lists trying to put together the puzzle pieces and have found one where some other people appear to be travelling with Mr and Mrs SKITTERAL. You can see the list here which I got from Ancestry Worldwide via my library subscription.

    This is the image if the link doesn't work for you.


    The list reads

    453... Mrs E J Skittrall... 45
    ..................Mrs S Davis..25
    ..............?? C Gardiner...22
    ................Ellen E do.........

    454 Hy Skittrall.............. 45 .................Warehouseman
    ...................Hy Gardiner 26

    Can anyone tell me the significance of the way these people are grouped? Does it mean that the women were in one berth and the men in another? Would they have been randomly grouped like that by the shipping company or can I assume that they are friends / family travelling together (in which case I will research further to find the connection) ?
    Main research interests.. CAESAR (Surrey and London), GOODALL (London), SKITTERALL, WOODWARD (Middlesex and London), BARBER (Canterbury, Kent) and CHEESEMAN (Kent).

    I think the number is the ticket number, so possibly what they chose to do, cheapest way to travel for them I would think. But maybe they chose to do it with the shipping company offering shared berths? rather than them choosing, my heart wants them to be a group of friends all going together

    Looking through records recently for someone else on here, people were crossed out, so we assumed ticket sold, but they never embarked.

    Family Tree site

    Researching: Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon; Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
    Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


      Thanks, Carolyn.

      I can't decide at the moment whether these are even the right people. If they are they should be Elizabeth nee Godfrey b 1842 and James C Skitteral b1839. So maybe it's not even the right people.
      Main research interests.. CAESAR (Surrey and London), GOODALL (London), SKITTERALL, WOODWARD (Middlesex and London), BARBER (Canterbury, Kent) and CHEESEMAN (Kent).