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    Ancestry and Family Search

    From family search:,_Virginia

    Scrolling down it says:
    This book has also been converted into databases at Ancestry ($):
    1. Christ Church Parish, Virginia Births, 1653-1812
    2. Christ Church Parish, Virginia Marriages, 1653-1812
    3. Christ Church Parish, Virginia Deaths, 1653-1812
    4. Christ Church Parish, Virginia Records, 1653-1812
    However when I click on the link to births for example I log into Ancestry but I get this:

    The and domains are for institutional access only, not personal accounts.

    Has anyone come across this before?
    Are they starting to remove more records away from general view?

    I’ve just tried the first link and got the same message that you did. Never seen this before.

    Amended in light of #3
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      Aha!!! The links from family search must be to an institutional server that they have affiliations with. Not surprising given the Mormon links between the them and ancestry.
      However if you are logged in to your personal account then go to card catalogue in the search menu and type in the name of the dataset. I put
      in the words but not the dates from the first one
      and up it came no bother.


        What I meant was you cannot view those records direct from FS even if you are logged into both FS and Ancestry at the time.
        I can find them easily from Ancestry as long as I know exactly what record set I want.
        Ancestry has one of the most un-user friendly catalogues I know


          I assume that some numpty has put the links wrong on wiki?

          I just use both the boxes in the search the catalogue when trying to find a record collection, generally don't have many problems. I guess it does depend what they have named the collection. Not sure ever the difference between keyword and title!
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