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NEWSPAPER OBITUARY - Thomas Allen Wall (d 31/03/1983 in Oregon USA) ?

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    NEWSPAPER OBITUARY - Thomas Allen Wall (d 31/03/1983 in Oregon USA) ?

    I'm on the scrounge for some more information from the newspaper (this time in the US) if someone has access to the appropriate subscription ?

    Thomas Allen Wall (born 17th December 1948) died on 31st March 1983, in Oregon USA - is there an obituary for him ?

    Many thanks (again)...


    I searched for him on Ancestry - I think if he an obit available in, there would have been an entry.

    I don't have a sub to, but I think you can search it and get a scrambled partial bit back if there's anything there.

    Familysearch's wiki has this list of newspapers for Oregon:

    with this entry being the most promising that I saw:
    Multnomah - Portland Oregonian 1861 - 1987** $ GenealogyBank
    but Portland is a big city, and an obit in a big city paper may be little more than a death and funeral notice. Knowing which community he lived in, and finding out if they have a small local paper, may be your best bet.

    There's a tree on ancestry with him in it. Doesn't seem well researched, likely he's part of a side branch.
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