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    Any MyHeritage subbies?

    Help needed please as I don’t have a sub to MyHeritage as I am just an uploader of my DNA.
    I’ve just got this SmartMatch in an email this morning but I can’t view the record.
    I have been looking for the death date for the woman born Selina Heffer for years now but it looks like she must have remarried after her 1st husband died in 1977. She was born 1914, Mildenhall, Suffolk and married 1950 to James Hiddleston at Knox Presbyterian Church, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. She died towards the end of 2004 but despite searching newspapers (at which we all know I am hopeless) I can’t find an obituary or funeral announcement for either Selina (Lina) or James. It’s James (Jimmy or Jim) who was my relation - Mum’s 1C1R. I met him once in the late 60’s on his last visit home to Scotland.
    If anyone is able to view the record below and let me know what’s in it, that would be great. Many thanks.


    Sorry can't really help as I have basic sub - but a search showed promise

    FamilySearch Family Tree

    Selina Emma Hiddleston (McNaught) (born Heffer)
    Birth 1914
    Death 2004
    Sibling Jack and one brother

    Good luck for real help!!


      Many thanks Cliff. That is definitely her. Hoping somebody with a full sub will take this further.

      Odd that they mention a sibling Jack and one other brother. If the full record is an obituary, they usually only mention those still surviving. She actually had 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Jack died 2001, Thomas 1988, Bob 2009 and Bert also 2009. The other one was born 1925 so could well be still alive. The eldest sister Edith died 2011, the youngest Lucy in 2012. The middle one born 1923 might still be alive.
      I am intrigued by the McNaught in brackets after her surname Hiddleston. Her husband was born and registered as James Hiddleston McNaught, his father being Alexander McNaught but James was illegitimate. Both parents signed the birth certificate so paternity was acknowledged however Mary later sued Alexander for maintenance for the child. Alexander never married Mary, he went on to marry another woman. Fifteen years later, Mary (still unmarried) had another son John (Jock) - father totally unknown apart from the fact that it was not the man she eventually married in 1923.
      Due to my Mum, Jock and “Canadian” Jimmy all being in the same situation birthwise, The Three Amigos were very close but contact was minimal between Mum and Canada after Jimmy died and lost completely after Jock died in 1986.
      As James (Jimmy) never ever used his registered surname and was known as James Hiddleston, somebody must have a copy of his original Scottish birth certificate to know this information.
      Am really curious about the surname Pursha as is mentioned in the Smart Match. Lina was some cookie right enough. She had four children altogether. 1f in 1939 and 1m in 1941 by fathers unknown before marriage. Then 1m three years before marriage who was registered twice after Jimmy returned from Canada and made a legal declaration of paternity. Then four years after marriage, there was another daughter. Lena had visited the family in Scotland during or just after wartime with one of her children but did not get a good reception. I don’t think she was ever seen again. She certainly didn’t accompany her husband on his few visits home.


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