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    So, I need to google each address and see if it was ever a nursing home or whatever. That sounds like a long job for sometime in the distant future!
    Main research interests.. CAESAR (Surrey and London), GOODALL (London), SKITTERALL, WOODWARD (Middlesex and London), BARBER (Canterbury, Kent) and CHEESEMAN (Kent).


      In one of James Herriot's books about a vet's life in Yorkshire, he talks about his wife having a baby in the 1930s.

      Most women had a midwife attend the birth at home, but in this case the midwife would ask the woman to move into the spare bedroom in her house, deliver the baby, and keep them there for up to 10 days. Father would get to visit for about 10 minutes each day

      so the baby would be born at one address, but mother live at another.

      It sounded as though that was pretty common in rural areas ....... it certainly assured the mother lots of rest!
      My grandmother, on the beach, South Bay, Scarborough, undated photo (poss. 1929 or 1930)

      Researching Cadd, Schofield, Cottrell in Lancashire, Buckinghamshire; Taylor, Park in Westmorland; Hayhurst in Yorkshire, Westmorland, Lancashire; Hughes, Roberts in Wales.


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        Was it shown on the birth cert as a maternity home or was it just an address?
        In my ancestors case it was the street address and as you say I googled the address as it differed to the address I thought it would be and then discovered re the Salvation Army link. I now google most addresses and it is amazing what and where I have discovered and of course sometimes you are lucky enough to find an old photo image too.
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          oh well thats given me something else to look at during lockdown. I have another month of furlough so will be looking for things to do