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Baptism of Robert PORTER c.1845/46 in Co. Armagh

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    Baptism of Robert PORTER c.1845/46 in Co. Armagh

    I am looking for the baptism of Robert PORTER son of a David PORTER (farmer / weaver) of Clanrole / Clanroll / Clanrolla, Seagoe parish, County Armagh.

    David married twice, firstly to a Ruth and secondly in 1863 to a Mary Jane DILWORTH. The only marriage in the parish of a David PORTER to a Ruth is 16 September 1842 David PORTER to Ruth HUGHES. This is 3 years too early for civil registration.

    David and Ruth had 7 children c.1843 - 1855. Six of them were baptised in St Gobhan (Church of Ireland), Seagoe parish. The second child, Robert should be born 1845-1846 going by his death certificate. He died of fever at Knockmena on 16 September 1876, aged 30 leaving his wife Ann (Annie) DIXON / DICKSON pregnant with their own 7th child. On his marriage certificate, 1 January 1867, Robert’s residence was Clanrole and his father David (weaver).

    Robert’s younger brother David was baptised in 1847 but I think his death, only four days after Robert’s own death was registered by Robert’s widow. The death certificate says he was a weaver aged 29 and died of fever 20 September 1876 at Knockmena. The informant was Annie PORTER (her mark) of Knockmena but annoyingly, no relationship is stated for her qualification as informant.

    David 1847 had been married to Ann Eliza DILWORTH 25 November 1870 presumably some relation to his stepmother Mary Jane. Not a sister though as the two women have different fathers on marriage. Ann Eliza might also have been known as Annie but surely her status of widow would not have been missed off her husband’s death certificate if it had been her as informant. David and Ann Eliza’s first two children were born at Knockmena but the third one (another David) was born at Lisnisky / Lisinisky exactly 4 months before his father’s death. The DILWORTHs belonged to Lisnisky as did my Robert’s wife Annie.

    Years ago another researcher sent me a copy of a transcript of all the PORTER events that had been made by another family member from the St Gobhan’s parish register. That’s where I got the baptism dates for my Robert’s six siblings. I have not seen the original pages. Robert’s marriage to Annie and the baptisms of their own seven children were also at St Gobhan’s.