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Help to find your Irish in Scotland

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    Help to find your Irish in Scotland

    Have just watched this recording of a talk given by Chris Paton of ScottishGenes at a free online conference yesterday. A lot of it was familiar to me as I am Scottish and have done a lot at ScotlandsPeople both in person and online but as far as I know, my mother’s side has no Irish but hubby’s paternal side has and I have got stuck many times. There was more than enough here to keep me interested. He gives sources and tips for both sides of the religious divide and explains when and how Irish records differ from Scots ones.
    I viewed on my iPad and found that clicking through to the YouTube version worked best. The last couple of minutes are a plug for some of his published books but you might find you want to read them after you have heard him describe them. He also does tutoring for Pharos and has a course coming up. If you are interested then let the next video auto start. He describes the course content and purpose and it only takes 5 minutes.

    There is a further link in the blog direct to the YouTube version.

    Thank you for this. I forgot it was on although I had seen the ads for the conference on FB from Scottish indexes. I found their site by accident not long ago and am waiting for them to be able to go back to the archives as I found that my great x2 grandmother was in the City Pooorhouse Asylim twice and their records look amazingly detailed!!
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