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FindmyPast typeface is huge

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    FindmyPast typeface is huge

    Is it just me? Can I do something about it only on FMP? The typeface has become very large so scrolling down a list takes ages. Looks like they made it 'phone friendly' like one of my banks. Who does research on a phone?

    Ann, have you tried the following: Hold down ctrl key and then at the same time press the minus key (or plus of you want to enlarge).
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      Originally posted by Anne in Carlisle View Post
      Who does research on a phone?
      me.....😂😂😂 must be a millennial thing 😊


        I couldn't see a difference when scrolling down, but not been using it that long.

        What I did notice is that if I have more than one window open and it is a narrow window it makes to search box huge and loses the rest of the page which annoys the heck out of me. so probably the same/similar thing. I feel it must be lazy programming on their part, trying to get one size fits all.

        I use a PC so that I can browse and see a lot of info, If I use a phone or tablet I know less space so I expect it!

        I do still prefer little things in Ancestry, I like the fact if you have filtered to a specific record set the summary of data returned is greater and you don't have to click through every line to find out it isn't the one you are after.
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        Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


          I use my phone for researching too.