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    This is the information I was given from somebody on ancestry

    My subscription with fmp runs out shortly so I was looking at tying up a few loose ends and decided to take another look at Mary Ann Bates as I had never really got any further with her so going over her details have found a few more things and wondered if anybody can help fill in the gaps.
    She was said to be born approx 1804 Greenwich although place of birth does change to Kent in later census. She first married Henry Freed in MInster Isle of Sheppey Kent but he died 1840 so she remarried to Robert Honeysett. They have a child Eliza registered as Freed but baptised as Honeysett. On her marriage to Robert Honeysett her father in the parish records is put as John Valentine. So relooking at the 1841 census she is noted as a pauper but looking at the places/farms around there are some clues. One of the farms is Joseph and Harriet Clout who are the witnesses at her 2nd marriage but they are also related as in laws with her previous marriage. One of the farms run by her as father in law Henry Freed has some Bates family working there. I did put this on another site yesterday and somebdoy came up with a theory of how they are related but no idea how they came to that conclusion.

    (One of them, William Bates lives on the Freed farm with his mother Elizabeth and uncle Jeremiah Bates. Elizabeth was the wife of John Bates, her maiden name was Filmer. They married in Maidstone in 1798.

    In 1841 Elizabeth and John are estranged. John is a labourer on a nearby East Sutton farm. If you trace that branch of the Bates family back you arrive at Valentine Bates who married Marjory Hussey in 1675 in Denton, Kent. Might be worth following up.

    Incidentally Robert Honeysett was, in 1841, a labourer on a farm not two miles from where Mary Ann was living.)

    I dont know how he worked that one out so quickly but with the name Valentine not being a very common one I am sure there will be a connection somewhere if anybody has the records to work it out I would be grateful.
    Just off out for most of the day so hope I have given enough info to go on. I descend from the first marriage to Henry Freed via their son James Freed
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    What is it you're looking for exactly? Is mary anne's maiden name bates or valentine? Are you looking for her death? Or working on her ancestry?


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      her maiden name is bates. I have never found a baptism for her. I wondered how a person made a connection with the Bates family working on her father in laws farm and if there is a connection with Valentine Bates that married Marjory Hussey in 1675. I dont know where they got that info from


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        the details I was given came from ancestry. Dont have a sub for there at the moment so thats why I couldnt find anything


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          well well well !!!!!
          Ancestry came up with a common ancestor on thrulines for John Valentine. Seems one of the Valentine family emigrated to Utah. I have just sent a message to who ancestry thinks is my 6th cousin via the Valentine family to see if he has any information that would prove our connection. I got quite excited when I first saw it but I now know not to let my imagination run wild. lol


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            Good luck!
            Ancestry seem to have recently changed the algorithms for the 'common ancestor suggestions'. In the past I have found most of them work but these days quite a lot are complete rubbish!


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              Yes Anne some of them just dont add up but I just found another one that is supposed to connect to James Valentine so have sent him a message to see what info he has. Does their paths agree with ancestrys suggestions would be a good place to start


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                I have now got 9 dna matches to Valentine. I have had one response and they gave me their email so will follow up on that one