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    DNA match interpretation


    I was wondering if someone might be able to just untangle my thoughts! I am currently hunting for my nans grandad, and thanks to some help on here I'm pretty sure I have found out who it is however I just need a bit of clarity.

    The couple who I believe are my nans great grandparents are Joseph Ward born 1865 and Charlotte Jennings born 1868. My nan has 23 DNA matches to people related to Joseph Ward and 6 matches to relatives of Charlotte Jennings (see below as I have a query on this!). In total, to these two people my nan has 57 DNA matches that include people I am currently unable to associate to specific people yet (based on shared matches)

    This would make her 2x great grandparents Joseph Ward, Sarah Staples, Richard Jennings and Charlotte Hicks.

    My nan has matches descending from the following:

    siblings of Joseph (2x) Ward paternal grandmother and siblings of his mother
    Siblings of Sarah staples father and maternal grandfather
    Siblings of Richard Jennings mother. Nothing for the father
    Nothing for Charlotte Hicks

    My query with Charlotte Jennings is that I also have 4 matches (22-33cm) to the family of Charlottes aunts daughter in law (I hope that makes sense!)

    My other issue is a significant family match. My nan has 5 significant matches ranging from 24-61cm to an unknown family that I can link to a couple Caroline Kirby and Joseph Brooks (they moved to Australia so I don't think my nans ancestor is this couple, but a sibling or ancestor of) but also another 16 matches that appear to be from the same family but I cannot associate to anyone specific at the moment. This ranges from 133cm, down.

    Some of the Ward/Jennings DNA matches also match this other family, but I have yet to find where the family connect.

    The closest I have come is that in the 1861 and 1871 census, Thomas Kirby, the sibling of Caroline, is living in the same road as Richard Jennings parents. Richard was born in 1843, but I cannot link the families together earlier. They are all living in Fulham though. In 1841, the Kirby family are living in Orchard Place and the Jennings are living in Orchard Street, however the streets appear on different census districts and the roads don't seem to exist now so I cant see if they were actually close or not. I have also tried looking at the Booth maps but I cant find either of those roads.

    My outline thought is that Richard is the child of Thomas Kirby or one of his siblings

    Charlotte Hicks is living with her maternal grandparents in 1851, and her fathers name only comes from her marriage cert. I can find no marriage for her mother and father, I do have a DNA match that could probably be from a relative of her mothers as the surname is unusual. This family are all from Hammersmith

    Name interests: Alderton, Osborne, Danslow, Hanley, Bowkett, Lakin, Elliott, Banner, Walters, Reed, Deighton, Sleight, Dungar ;)