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Reference checking on GRO certificates

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    Thanks Ann.

    That would be about right Zoe!

    St Pancras Old Church has zillions of fiche if I order from the LDS. I'll just have to wait for my certs then!



      The difference in cost is

      If you are asking them to look at more than one certificate then they charge you £3 a look. This is essentially the same as ordering the three certs separately, each time saying you only want it if the father is Joe Bloggs.

      If you order one cert and say "the father is Joe Bloggs" on the first page, they are SUPPOSED to check this - but they don't always, and just send the cert you ordered.

      This is not clear from the order form!



        I ordered a certificate for a Benjamin Jones from the GRO - obviously with a name like that I wasn't certain it was the right one, so I asked them to check against the father's name. They sent me the wrong one anyway, I complained that they hadn't checked and they claimed I hadn't ticked the right box. Fortunately I later obtained the right one from the highly obliging people at Carmarthen RO, for whom place of birth, father's name and approximate year were enough to track it down.
        Michael, aged 1/4 of a century


          Now a bit lost!

          So if you ask for more than one reference check it costs £3 more per reference?

          Off to bed now I think.


            I usually ref check Joan, gro told me to put evrything I wanted checking in the box. For instance Henry Smith death I put in perhaps living at **** death to be registered by wife Sarah or daughters*** or sons****. It backfired on me though, as they sent the certiicate, death was registered by Elizabeth Smith but it wasn't daughter!! I am ringing them Monday to complain as Elizabeth on the certificate wasn't down as daughter, and the cert says relationship. Whether they will refund or not I don't know. It's worth a phone call. Also anything that has to be ordered through Tower Hamlets, they have a ref check facility as you order. I wanted Henry Smith - birth and wanted the check to be that Henry was the father. They e-mailed back Henry wasn't the father - cost nil.



              I ordered a marriage certificate from GRO and the page number was transcribed wrong so of course I got the wrong cert. back .....phoned and told them they said put it back in the post I did with a letter of explanation and I am still waiting to get the right one so they have now had my £7 for somtime wondering if I am going to get the right one at all.