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  • Passports and passenger lists

    If someone is named on an incoming passenger list, arriving UK from South Africa in 1959, can I assume that she held a passport in the same name.?
    Presumably she would have needed to show a marriage certificate before one was issued?

    The lady was born in Kent (1904) and we are told her father took the family to Mauritius, when she was a child so that he could work there.
    Somewhere along the line she met William McKenzie NEWLANDS, born in Scotland, but working as a tugmaster on the east coast of Africa and travelled as his wife. He had previously married in Scotland and I haven't found a divorce there.
    Yesterday we received a birth certificate for their son, born in Hove, Sussex in 1947. William registered the birth, wording suggests that Emily was his wife, but I know not to rely on that! and the family sailed to South Africa a few months later.
    I am looking for a divorce then a marriage, ...or could William have married in South Africa and conveniently forgotten about his family back in Scotland.?

    Any advice would be most welcome please.

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    I don't know about South Africa, but in England at that time if you'd just said you were single you could marry bigamously. And if you had a marriage cert, even if it was bigamous, you could use it I guess. Who would know?

    But as to getting passports - well, I don't know.
    And you could presumably get a divorce in a different country. An interesting story for you to unravel!
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      What about a death for the first wife?


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        The first wife, Margaret died in Aberdeen,Scotland in 1969.

        We are told that Walter, the child born in Sussex, died in South Africa at a young age.We have heard of another possible son prior to Walter. He too died, ...perhaps stillborn or died soon after birth.
        William, Emily and their surviving son( b. 1949 in Port Elizabeth ) all died in Bristol.


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          One of my rellies is definitely listed on a passenger list to Africa as the wife of someone she was not married to, and her children are also listed under the surname of her supposed husband which was not their name. Though this was a couple of decades earlier than the date you're looking at. I would doubt that the authorities were too bothered about names on the passenger list matching the name on the passport in those days, to be honest - I think this is something that has only been brought in since 9/11.

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