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    Hi all, new here and will be updating my interests shortly.
    I was fortunate in that I inherited some excellent photos of all my great grandparents and their siblings from my parents, some of whom were born cir. 1850 and up to around 1940. I am able to name and date all the individuals in the pictures.

    I am keen that anyone with an interest in the pics should have access to them and use them for their own researches. This would also increase the chances of them surviving into the future.

    Worthington and Harrison were from Staffordshire and I have published some on the excellent site Staffordshire Past Tracks. It is very satisfying to find that they have been used in other people's family histories that I come across from time to time, people who would not have had access to the pictures otherwise.

    So to my question. Is there a similar site to S.P.T. that anyone knows of which covers the area of Lancashire where I could publish my other photographs and make them available to anyone with an interest in them.
    Gornall. Porter and Almond from St. Helens in Lancashire are my paternal ancestors and again I have photographs all named and dated from cir. 1850.
    They could be deposited in the St. Helens archive, but given that family history is international, I would like to post them on a site like S.P.T. to make them available to all those long lost cousins etc. that I just don't know about.

    The more copies of the photographs there are around the world will increase the chances of them surviving well into the future for, as yet to be born, family historians.
    Any suggestions regarding Lancashire online archives, or any alternative sites covering Staffordshire, would be most welcome.


    I'd be interested in any Porter family pictures that you have. I'm a Porter from St Helens myself and have traced the name back to the mid 18th Century to Weston on the Green.


      Welcome to the forum Andy.
      Denis hasn't logged into the site recently so it might be better if you send him a private message. If you click on his username to the left of his post you will see the message option. He will receive an email notification of your message.


        Thanks Elaine


          I will pm him too as I'm interested to find out where in Staffordshire his Harrisons are from.