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THWAITES Garden Certificates 1935 & 1936

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    THWAITES Garden Certificates 1935 & 1936

    I have two Certificates of Merit awarded by London Garden Society to Mr F. Thwaites of Roehampton Estate in 1935 and 1936 for his front garden.

    "For stimulating a pride in London more especially by the cultivation of flowers and home gardens"

    Haven't been able to track any hopeful family contacts thru the usual channels and if no one expresses an interest on here I will try and pass them on to the address they were awarded for (if it still exists) ...although it could be pretty embarrassing if they have paved over their front garden with not a flower in sight! Nice memorabilia to hang on the wall tho.


    Perhaps London Garden Society could provide information? 192 seems to know about the society (can someone look it up?), but I didn't find a website for it.
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      The certificates have a permanent home now with the London Gardens Society. I couldn't find any descendants to pass them on to so wrote to the society who are delighted to take them for their archives.

      This is my third successful placement of historic memorabilia thanks to this forum! Very satisfying. Three down, one Hayles bible to go...