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My First Blog

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My name is Paul Chiddicks and I would like to welcome you to my Family blog and hope that you find this blog both interesting and informative. I am 53 years old and have been researching my tree, on and off, for the last fifteen years. I live in Cheshire with my wife and two grown up children and have been living in leafy Cheshire for around 20 years. Before this, I spent all my earlier years living, working and growing up in Thurrock, in Essex.

I am currently writing a regular blog for Family Tree Magazine

My own blog and twitter site are:

The main names that I am researching are as follows:

Chiddicks, all areas,

Daniels in Dublin

Keyes in Prittlewell, Essex

Wootton in Mansell Garnage in Herefordshire and London

Stampa in Edinburgh

Lukes in Gravesend, Kent

Luttman in London

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