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Lennon's are annoying.

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It's a fact. As you know I've been told by Scots Family in an email that Mary Lennon had 6 children but I've only found 4:

Edward- 1912 (We were close Angelina, extremely close!!)
Sarah- 1914 (Possibly because the 1911 didn't match, unless it's Edward's twin or the 1913 one)
Cecilia- 1922/1985
Jane (Ginny) -1929/1994

I've just got of the phone to Granddad and he cannot remember any other children so either I was given incorrect information or the children died very young.

Also the story behind his name is incorrect, I think that this Mr Reid went by Henry rather than his own name as he didn't like it, Granddad was named ******** after this Uncle by Marriage before he told Cecilia that his name is Henry thus calling Granddad the incorrect name when in reality it's the correct name. Does that actually make sense?

Now Cecilia's children.

Edward- mystery indeed. Sarah and her hubby adopted him and they got married in 1939, Blythswood, Lanarkshire.

Granddad was born in 1941 so Edward has to be before then, I thought it might have been after this Marriage but there's only one Edward before between 1920 - 1940 in the Bellshill area where the Lennon's seem to come from and that's in 1936, which would put Cecilia at 14 and would explain why Sarah and her Husband took

Am I clutching at straws here?

There's a birth in 1938, 39 and 40 but they don't match the area.

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    Edit: Found the Marriage of Mary's Sister Cecilia to a Denis Teyhan in 1926 (How on earth do I pronounce that?!)
    Not only that but a search using "Teyhan, Bellshill & Lanark between 1926-1950" brings out 7 children, all who have names that mean something.

    1926- Sarah (Her Mum)
    1928- Hugh (His Dad)
    1929- Denis (His name)
    1932- Patrick (Her Great Uncle, maybe a brother of his?) although 1934 has a Marriage of a Cecilia L to a Patrick Edward Walsh... Could be a child born before wedlock..
    1934- Winnie (His Dad)
    1936- Peter (Could be his brother)
    1939- Edward (Her Dad)

    Again I was "told" 6 hehe..
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