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Francis SPENCER and Hannah LINTON

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I have a family bible which records the births of the children of John and Mary SPENCER (née JONES) between 1768 and 1780. It then goes on to record the descendants of their youngest child who was the original owner of the bible and my 3 x great grandfather.

I have found proof online that John and Mary were married on 21 April 1760 in the town of Monmouth in Monmouthshire, South Wales.

Through further research I have discovered that John SPENCER was born in 1737 in Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire and he was the fifth of eight children. His parents were Francis SPENCER and Hannah née LINTON. They were married on 16 January 1727 at St Peter the Great in Worcester. What I do not know is what year they were born or where (for the time being I have guessed at 1710 and Worcestershire).

Can anyone fill in the blanks please?


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  1. Christine in Herts's Avatar
    Have you tried posting this on the Research threads?

  2. Peter46's Avatar
    Thank you Christine I am new to this board. I have started a new thread in Research