• Lithuania

    Attachment 15560Lithuania, situated on the southeastern Baltic coast, is one of the “Baltic States”: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

    Capital Vilnius

    Language Lithuanian

    Currency Litas

    There is a substantial, illustrated article about Lithuania in Wikipedia. It covers:

    • History
    • Geography (including climate)
    • Politics
    • Economy
    • Demographics
    • Culture
    • Other information and links

    Anyone researching Lithuanian family history from outside the country could do a lot worse than make use of the masses of expertise developed by the world’s Jewish community. You will need to remember that Jewish genealogy databases will be just that – Jewish. If your ancestors were not, themselves, Jewish you will have to look at their research techniques and general information to get the information you need.

    There are articles about how information can be obtained from the Lithuanian Archives; those will be of wider use than just for Jewish research. There is information about the place-names, and how they were modified as the country was overrun by different external forces – or was returned to its native people. There is information about how the language affects names: masculine and feminine forms, for example.

    There is some information available on well-known genealogy sites, such as:

    • Stetl-links (also on the LitvakSIG site)
    • Hamburg passenger manifests


    Lithuania Genealogy Links and Techniques


    Lithuanian Names

    Jewish research

    Place-specific links

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