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    Many family historians enjoy seeing the churches where their ancestors were christened, married or buried. This project hosts a vast and ever-growing collection of photographs donated by the members.

    Would you like a photograph of the church where your ancestors were baptised, married or buried? The Family Tree Forum may be able to help you.

    In the Autumn of 2007, the Places of Worship Project was launched. The aim of the Project is to compile an online album of all the places where our ancestors may have been baptised, christened, married or buried in the British Isles.

    The intention is to provide copyright free photos of places of worship which you can use in your research. If a photo appears in The Places of Worship which relates to an event in your family history, then copies can be made for personal use. Currently, the album contains pictures from England, Wales and Scotland.

    If you click here you will be taken to the project's home page, where you will find a short description of how to navigate the project and the full listing of counties in England, Wales and Scotland. The county lists are organised according to the orginal parish names.

    Although there will only be one exterior shot of each building in the main pages, some photographers may have taken more pictures which might include the interior; they can be contacted through the site.