• How to Search the Reference Library

    The Reference Library is stored in two locations. The main section is stored on the forum and accessed via the listing on the Home page. A smaller section is housed in the wiki section of the site which can be accessed via the Site Projects link on the navigation bar.

    Navigation via the Home page:

    • Clicking on the Reference Library tab on the navigation bar will take you to the Home page.
    • The Reference Library can be accessed by selecting the appropriate heading in the listing in the left hand column. As an example, if you wish to locate resources for Hampshire (UK) you would select UK County Index, on the next page select England, and then select Hampshire from the county listing.

    • Some sections of the Reference Library have their own list of contents, some of which are textual such as the Reference Information and How To section, whereas others such as UK County Index, give a preview of the page contents.

    Searching the Reference Library

    • Should you wish to search the Reference Library for a place, topic, research guide, etc. then you should use the Advanced Search option which is located at the top right of screen just under the Search box.

    • On the search page make sure that you have selected "Search Multiple Content Types" rather than "Search Single Content Type".
    • If you wish to restrict your search to the Reference Library then tick the box "Articles". Articles are pages within the Reference Library.
    • Enter the search details in the keyword box, for example "divorce", click on Search Now.

    • The following page will show you any article (page) in the Reference Library which includes your keyword search, in this case "divorce".
    • Clicking on any of the results will open the relevant page.

    • Should you wish to widen your search so as to include results from threads, blogs etc., then tick the appropriate box(es) on the search page.

    Searching the Wiki section of the Reference Library

    Although the majority of the reference pages have been moved to the main forum, there are still some pages which remain in the wiki section of the site, including many of our Site Projects, such as Places of Worship, Costume Gallery, Surname Directory, Gallery of International War Memorials and Certificate Exchange.

    The Wiki section can be accessed by clicking the Site Projects tab on the navigation bar. This takes you to the main page of the wiki which provides links to the above projects.

    It is also possible to search the Wiki by entering keywords in the Search box on the left hand side of the page. However, the results will only relate to pages within the Wiki and will not bring up any results from articles in the main Reference Library.

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