• How to Add an Avatar

    Step 1

    It is useful to have the image you require as your avatar either on Photobucket or on your computer, so it is ready to use.
    Help with Photobucket can be found in How to Use Photobucket

    Step 2

    Click on "Settings" at top right of screen.
    Select "Edit Avatar" in left hand column of "My Settings" box

    Step 3

    Select the correct box for your chosen picture.
    Option 1 - Enter the URL if the image is hosted on another website, for example on Photobucket. You will first have to remove the ''http://www'' that is already in the box. Once image code is pasted into box, scroll down and click on "Save Changes".
    Option 2 - Upload image from your computer. Click on "Browse" and select the required image file. Scroll down and click on "Save Changes"

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