• How to Create a Blog

    What is a blog?
    You may use your blog for whatever you wish, providing it is within the Terms & Conditions of the forum. They can be privatised, open to selected people or made public, in which case they will be picked up by search engines. You could record the surnames you are looking for or make notes about your research. Blogs can be updated as often as you wish.

    Members who originally created User Pages within the Wiki area of the forum may like to transfer their data to the Blog pages.

    How to create a blog
    • Click on the BLOG link on the navigation bar across the top of the page and click on "Create a new post" (top right of screen)
    • Type your blog information into the text box.
    • Click "post now" or "save as draft" as required
    • IMPORTANT: The maximum number of characters which is allowed in a blog is 10,000.

    Miscellaneous Options (under text box)
    • Draft Blog Entry - used when you may not have finished typing up your entry and wish to complete it at a later date
    • Publish On - where you can select a date when you wish your blog to be visible to other members
    • Publish Now - will publish your blog immediately so that other members can read it

    Options heading (under text box)
    • You will see an option of allowing other members to post comments on your blog - tick or leave blank as required.

    Editing your blog
    • Hover your cursor over the heading of the blog and a pencil icon will appear.
    • Click on pencil icon to edit.
    • Click on "save changes"

    Who can view your blog?
    • You can select who can view your blog via your Settings
    • Click Settings at top of page
    • In left hand column, under My Settings section, select Blog
    • Tick the Permission & Privacy boxes as required
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you wish your blog to be picked up by search engines, then you need to tick the option "Guests may view your blog"
    • Scroll down page and select "save changes"

    Receive notification when someone comments on your blog, or comments on a blog you have added to

    • Click Settings at top of page
    • In left hand column, under My Settings section, select Blog

    At the bottom of the page you will see two sections:
    • Default Subscription Mode: Blog Entries
    • Default Subscription Mode: Blog Comments

    In the drop down box next to these options you can choose to subscribe or to receive email notifications when new comments have been added.

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