• How to Upload a GEDCOM to FTF

    Step one

    • Firstly you will need to create a GEDCOM file. If you are unsure how to do this, please see the How to create a GEDCOM article.
    • Once you have the GEDCOM, you will need to import it into the 'Family Tree Forum' database.

    Step two

    • Click on the 'GEDCOM' tab (on the navigation bar that runs across your screen underneath the Family Tree Forum logo), then select Search our Names Database.
    • Once there, you will see a page that looks similar to the image below. Click on the Browse button (circled in RED) which enables you to 'look' within your own computer's files/folders to find the GEDCOM you wish to upload to Family Tree Forum's database.

    • Once you have found the GEDCOM you wish to upload, double click on the GEDCOM. This will then transfer the file path to the filename box.
    • When the file path appears in the box, click UPLOAD FILE. The following page should appear which details the number of people from your file which has been added to the FTF database.

    The upload process is designed to filter out the details of people who were born within the last 100 years, where no death or burial date has been given.

    Error Messages

    When trying to upload a GEDCOM file to Family Tree Forum you may see the following error message:

    • Genealogy Parser Error (filename) is not a valid GEDCOM file

    There are two main reasons for this message to appear.

    1. GEDCOM created using PAF. The problem is actually the UFT 8 character set, the GEDCOM file must be created as "other GEDCOM 5.5" and the character set selected as "ANSI"
    2. When created, the file was incorrectly saved as a non GEDCOM type file. The file must be saved as a *.GED file, any other selection is not a valid GEDCOM file and will be rejected.

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