• How to Scan Photos

    General scanning tips:
    • Check photos for dirt or smudges.
    • Check scanner glass for dust, fingerprints or smudges - using a lint free cloth to clean the glass.
    • Specify the type of scan - when scanning photos you have a basic choice of colour or black and white. Usually best to scan in colour even if source photo is black and white.
    • Select best scan resolution. To ensure reasonable quality for enhancement or restoration scan at a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch).
    • Position photo on scanner, face down, and then prescan/preview.
    • Check position/alignment of photo - amend if necessary.
    • Crop the previewed image to include only the original photo/document.
    • Check file size - if too large reduce scanning resolution or scale.
    • Choose file type, scan image, name and save.

    Visual Guide:

    It is important to read the manual for your scanner to see what options and settings are available. The following visual guide gives some idea of the optimum settings for scanning photos/documents, particularly for restoration work purposes.

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