• Backing up your Files

    Many people devote lots of time and money researching family history but pay little regard to storing data safely. Protecting your data by creating backup files is vital. If you do not have a backup file and suffer a major computer problem you could lose ALL your data. A proper system of backup files is an absolute must and takes less than five minutes a week to manage.

    Backup FAQ

    Why should I backup data?

    • If no backup files are made then ALL data can be lost if a computer problem occurs. A power surge whilst editing a file can cause damage for example, if a hard drive fails it can create serious problems.

    When should I backup my files?

    • Ideally once a week if you add to the program regularly
    • Before upgrading your program to another version
    • Before performing any work on your computer
    • Before merging family files or individuals
    • Before compacting your file
    • Before attempting to fix a relationship mistake
    • Before troubleshooting damage in your file or program

    What media should I use?

    • CD, memory stick and external hard drives are the most commonly used forms of media. Discs/sticks are easy to carry around and store.
    • Extra copies of your file saved by friends, relatives or uploaded to the internet storage facility and genealogy websites are worthwhile considering.
    • If possible e-mail your file or post a disc to a friend, relative or neighbour for safe keeping.

    Is there an easy way to control backup files?

    • Get into a routine, make a routine backup every week or at least every fortnight
    • Consider using at least two discs or sticks, call disc #1 "Father" and disc #2 "Son", use Father in weeks 1,3,5 etc and Son in weeks 2,4,6 etc. This way, even if the most current backup fails, you will have older copies of the backup that you can try with minimal data loss.
    • Write the date on the backups, This will ensure you don't restore an out of date file by mistake
    • Check that your backup file has been successfully saved. The only way to be positive that your backup has been successful is to try restoring from the backup file.

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