• Family Tree Maker

    Family Tree Maker (FTM) is produced by Avanquest Software and is one of the more popular genealogy software programs currently available. The most recent version released is FTM 2010, with FTM 2011 scheduled to be on the market in October 2011. The software has changed considerably over the last few years and many people still favour the 2005/2006 versions.

    The software has been designed to integrate with the Ancestry website, enabling you to conduct web searches directly from FTM.

    By carefully selecting the right package it is possible to have a free access period to the Ancestry website, ranging from a few weeks to several months. To check the latest offers and prices it is advisable to either Google for the program or visit some of the online retailers who supply genealogy software.

    The software is designed to work with the Windows operating system although an announcement has been made that a Mac version will be released late 2010.

    Program Help and Support

    A detailed help section is included with the program.

    The original Family Tree Maker message boards available in archived format.

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