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    Whitwell is a parish in the north east corner of Derbyshire, on the borders with both Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. It has at various times been classed as being a Nottinghamshire village. It consists of the hamlets of Steetley, Belph and Bakestone Moor and the villages of Hodthorpe and Whitwell. The parish includes a part of Creswell Crags where there have been some very early Neolithic cave paintings found, perhaps the earliest in Europe.

    Whitwell is mentioned in the Domesday Book and according to the local history society featured ...
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    Berkhamsted is a historic market town in west Hertfordshire. The name of the town has been spelt in a variety ...
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    Northchurch, a parish in the Bulbourne valley in Hertfordshire, was once a village in its own right but has now become almost ...

    Mitcham was once a small Surrey village, and though as far as postal address goes, it is still Surrey, it is part of the London Borough of Merton.

    Mitcham is probably defined by it’s common, one of the very few London commons whose 460 acres has survived almost intact, and is now a site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. It’s survival is in part down to the four Lords of the Manor of Mitcham, who couldn’t decide exactly which bit of the ...
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    The Cathedral city of Peterborough is situated on the River Nene in the heart of Cambridgeshire, 80 miles north of London. Whilst it is self-governing, it forms part of the county of Cambridgeshire for ceremonial purposes.

    The area is flat and low lying, with the Fens lying to the east of the city. Human settlement in the area dates back to before the Bronze Age ...
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    Introduction to ScotlandsPeople

    There are detailed FAQs, Help and descriptions of what is available on this site, but the examples below may help you to find your way around the site.

    You can see from the front page what searches are possible. You can search and explore the site without having to pay anything until you need to view the images.

    It is possible to waste a great deal of money in searching for these records, but if you use the site in conjunction with the IGI on FamilySearch and the census indexes on Ancestry, you can narrow down the possibilities considerably, especially when searching for a common surname in Glasgow.

    Although the initial outlay seems expensive, in fact it works out as very reasonable ...

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