• Not just genealogy!

    Even though Family Tree Forum is a genealogical forum, the help and advice on offer is not just for research and possible useful resources.

    Just because people have found their way to the site and are confident in navigating the World Wide Web does not mean that they are confident in using the computer or their installed programs. Often they find it difficult to find their way round the genealogical software which they bought when they started out.

    Although there is a wealth of help already available on how to use the features of the forum itself, and The Reference Library, you can always ask for help and somebody will get back to you. Most software packages have extensive help available, and many solutions can be found by "googling", but in the heat of the moment when your PC starts playing up, or you can't figure out what to do when you have made a mistake with your family tree software, it is sometimes quicker to ask for help.

    If you need advice on which particular software to purchase, you can quickly get a cross section of opinion, whether it is to use a fully featured security package, or to go for a collection of "freebies", which is the "best" genealogical package to buy or indeed, whether you need one at all. It is also possible to pick up tips and tricks just by browsing through the threads, from the best resolution to use to scan your photographs to which printer to buy.

    In the very early stages of your research you will find that you need not only an efficient filing system for your paper records, but also a medium for recording data. The most efficient way to do this is via a family history program installed on your own computer. There are many programs available, some of which are free to download from the internet.

    Most of these programs have dedicated help forums or online help desks but if you have a problem try posting a query in our Family Tree Software forum to see if any of our members can help and advise.

    Detailed help is available in The Reference Library for some of the most popular packages:

    For more information: Getting started: Software / Publishing

    For general help with software and hardware problems and advice: Computer Help.