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    There will always come a point in your family history research when you hit the dreaded "brick wall". In other words, you are completely and utterly stuck. This is when the Family Tree Forum membership can come to your aid.

    You can browse the questions and answers in Family History Research which may give you some ideas or resources to try, you may discover a website which you didn't know existed by looking in the Reference Library , or you can just ask for help.

    The genealogical expertise of the membership of FTF ranges from the complete beginner to experienced researchers. Consequently, the Research area of the forums is always buzzing with questions and answers.

    You may just need help in finding an elusive ancestor in 1841, or advice on where to look something up or even to impart your own knowledge and experience. It doesn't matter how much of a beginner you are, your questions will always be treated with respect and somebody will come to your rescue.

    You do not need to be a registered member to browse the Family History Research forum, but if you want to ask a question then you need to register. Once registered, you can access all areas of the forum and ask as many questions as you like.

    The questions could not be answered without the help of the other members. Whether or not you think you are an experienced researcher, extra pairs of eyes searching for BMD registrations or people whose names have been wrongly transcribed are always needed. Don't be put off by being 'pipped at the post' - some of the members appear to have magical powers with the speed of their responses, but perhaps you will be the one to find the missing piece of the puzzle!