• The Magazine

    The Family Tree Online Magazine was written and put together by the members of The Family Tree Forum. Since the first issue of the magazine in August 2007, over 500 articles were contributed by 135 members to the 30 editions. Initially, the magazine was publshed monthly and from August 2009 until November 2010, when we started Volume Three, editions appeared quarterly.

    A wide variety of topics is covered in the magazine. Most articles are drawn from the authors' own research into interesting relatives who they have come across, others are inspired by questions posed in the forums.

    Alongside these, you will find in depth articles giving an historical context to our ancestors' way of life. Each issue looks at a specific occupation and related trades. Every article is backed up with sources and suggestions for further reading and research.

    Generally the magazine follows a loose theme in each issue, but there are also two series of special features, 'My Kind of Town' where members focus on a specific location and 'Family Treasures' where members describe objects which have been passed down to them.

    The Family Tree Forum Online Magazine