• Method of Recording Direct Ancestors

    A suggestion from one of our members:

    Most people probably know this method of recording direct ancestors but if not it's something I find very straightforward and easy to refer to - a way of displaying all direct ancestors that's been used since the 16thcentury.

    Every ancestor is numbered and the person whose ancestry is being shown is always number 1.
    The parents will then be 2 and 3 and the grandparents 4, 5, 6 and 7.

    The simplicity of the system is that all the even numbers are male and all the odd numbers after 1 are female.

    The first number of each generation is always that of the number of ancestors in that generation and the parents of any individual can easily be found by doubling that individual's number.

    Below is an example for 5 generations including unknown individuals (who still have an individual number) and intermarriages where '=' can be used to show that the individual appears elsewhere.

    1. John Smith b 1960 England

    2. Henry Smith b 1935 England
    3. Mary Jones b 1935 England

    THIRD GENERATION (Grandparents)
    4. William Smith b 1910 England
    5. Alice Bloggs b 1910 England
    6. Lawrence Jones b 1910 Wales
    7. Bertha Riley b 1910 Ireland

    FOURTH GENERATION (great grandparents)
    8. unknown father
    9. Margaret Smith b 1885 England
    10. George Bloggs b 1885 England
    11. Louisa Williams b 1885 England
    12. James Jones b 1885 Wales
    13. Annie Davis b 1885 Wales
    14. Daniel Riley b 1885 Ireland
    15. Blanche Davis b 1885 Wales

    FIFTH GENERATION (great x 1 grandparents)
    16-17 unknown
    18. Jacob Smith b 1860 England
    19. Agnes McGregor b 1860 Scotland
    20. Joseph Bloggs b 1860 England
    21. Jane Hill b 1860 England
    22. unknown father
    23. Mary Williams b 1860 England
    24. David Jones
    25. unknown
    26 = 30 Joseph Davis b 1860 Wales
    27 = 31 Christian Powell b 1860 Wales
    28. Cornelius Riley b 1860 Ireland
    29. Julia Sullivan b 1860 Ireland
    30 = 26 Joseph Davis b 1860 Wales
    31 = 27 Christian Powell b 1860 Wales

    Hope it's of use to someone - I've been using it for years and helps me a lot.


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